Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lets Try This Again...

So about this time last year, I figured I had creeped on enough teaching blogs that it was time to start my own. Fast forward to now, and I am determined to stick with it this time! This past year was my first year of teaching (ah!) so I guess I can use that as an excuse for being too busy to blog. Now that I am a seasoned pro, yeah right, I am ready to commit to this thing! 

A little bit about the gal behind Fifth Grade Features- I'm Ashley, 23 years old, from a suburb of Columbus, OH, and about to start my second year of teaching in a small, little rural town. I did my student teaching in 5th grade, and was fortunate enough to land a 5th grade job right out of college. I spent this past year teaching 5th grade math to some of the greatest kids I've ever met. This past year was a definite learning experience for me, with many fantastic "up's," and a few definite "downs." My passion for teaching is just as big as ever, and I am ready for whatever this year may bring!

Stay tuned ;)



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  2. Excited to be your first follower! I found your blog over at Teaching with a Touch of Twang's blog. :)
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    1. WOOOOOO! Thanks so much for following Katie!

  3. Hi Ashley I'm looking forward to your posts! I'm your newest follower :)

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